The Empire of Pain
Members James Harrison
Mark Henry
The Rock
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Name(s) The Empire of Pain


904 lb (410 kg)
Debut February 12, 1999
Years active 1999–present
Promotions WWF/E

The Empire of Pain (sometimes abbreviated to EOP) are a professional wrestling stable who originally consisted of James Harrison, Triple H, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Batista and The Rock as an enemy to The Ministry of Darkness led by The Undertaker and The Corporation and The Corporate Ministry after the two stables fused together.

As of April 2015 Harrison and The Rock are the only remaining original members, the group have the WWE Tag Team title between two members several times. They have held the title seven times which included a 373 day reign. They also held the World Tag Team title eleven times at a total of 1,033 days.


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